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Lean Point of Sale

Making your marketing budget go further is not just important, it’s common sense. The more you get for your money, the more successful your campaign is likely to be.

Lean manufacturing ensures that all the excess is stripped out of the process, both materials and labour, making each project more efficient and economical every time.

  • Lean production planning ensures that material wastage is kept to the minimum (and we do recycle the small amount of waste we make).
  • Automating as much of the processes as possible reduces labour costs and speeds up the production time of each project.
  • Quality is kept under control to ensure the finished product is cost effective without reducing any final product quality.


Whether you have a generic pack or a bespoke packing requirement just let us know and we’ll ensure that the right store gets the right allocation every time.

With pack contents and instruction sheets as standard everything will be easy to understand when your promotional campaign arrives at its required destination.

Our fulfilment service is bespoke so all you have to do is give us the information and we’ll swing into action and make it happen.


If you’re engaged in a marketing campaign you can leave us to deliver all your projects and campaigns direct to store or to a distribution centre of your choice.

Just give us a list of what you require and we will collate and pack your promotional material securely, ensuring your products are suitably protected and delivered in time for your campaign to go live.

You know the number to call 0800 193 1227 or email the information over and we’ll be happy to give you a quote.


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